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Shipping charges

Hi all. Sadly, due to a number of unfortunate incidents which cost some of my lovely customers their flutes, I have had to increase my shipping costs; the UK will now be charged at £10 per order, Mainland Europe £15, and the rest of the world will be £25. This will ensure two things: one, […]

A little note about notes…

Hello again. When I’m telling you about the notes my flutes play, I use a standard notation based on the piano keyboard. If you’re not familiar with it, the piano keyboard has groups of 8 white keys with 5 black keys between them; the five black keys are two together and then three together. To […]

The woods I use

You’ll see on the product pages that each flute is in two pieces; the body and the block – and I always make sure to tell you which wood they’re made from. Now is when I tell you the characteristics of each wood that I have so far used, to help you choose your flute. […]