So – how does it all work?

So you’ve got this flute, and you know how to make pretty noises with it… but you don’t know HOW it does it! Well, I’m here to help you find out. We’re going to go quite detailed; but not deeply technical or into the physics. First thing to appreciate is that air is a substance […]

Whacky Birds/Fetishes/Totems 1: Antlers!

So… I made some antlers for a recent commission. I thought it might help some of you to know how I did it, since it seems like the impossible dream when you see the result! I used oak, but any wood would work; the less brittle and less pronounced grain the better because otherwise the […]

Some of the differences between a premium and a standard flute

A question I’m often asked is “what’s the difference”? Well – my standard flutes play pretty well, and they’re in tune; and they don’t have anything wrong with them… BUT When making a premium flute, I go the extra mile; and this post will tell you some of the ways I do this. It’s not […]

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New Mailing List!

Hi all! More developments here as I continue to market my wares. I have created an email newsletter! If you want to sign up, you can use the “Newsletter” link on the top of the website, or click on this link: Newsletter Subscribe. I won’t be sending often; just some people prefer to stay in […]

Grain Compression

When you’re using your chisel to cut ramps, and holes, and so on, one of the problems you might get is grain compression. This is what happens when you try to chisel hardwood across its grain – and it makes something of a mess of the “end grain” which is left behind. The pic on the left shows […]

The coming plans!

In the absence of any “Custom” comissions at the moment, I have a couple of plans for upcoming projects. First off, I have a stick of Cherry that needs to be made into a G, Ab or A flute much like the one you’ve just seen on my Facebook Page. That is already on the […]

Helping the People

So most of you know already that I’m not Native American – I’m British. In this regard, I am wide open to accusations of cultural appropriation and dishonour and I have keenly felt it (although such accusations have been rare, so far). I try my very best to do things right, and to show this […]

13 – Troubleshooting

I left this until last simply because the posts in this series have been long enough, without adding text about the problems you can encounter as you go along. 1. Leaks. If the bore is not completely airtight, the tuning will go wonky, the flute won’t play well, and things will be pretty awful in general. […]