Welcome to Stonelaughter Flutes!

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Please accept my apologies.

In 2019, my life was turned somewhat upside down. Lost my marriage, my job and moved 100 miles from my workshop. I am now back in Notts, however my workshop is a total mess and rain damaged; and as I haven’t made any flutes for 2 years I’m now out of stock.

Rest assured that this is a temporary situation and I have every intention of making more flutes in the future. Watch this space and social media for further updates – I don’t know when but it’s coming!


Hello, and thanks for dropping by. Feel free to have a look around – there’s the blog, the shop, an events calendar, and lots of information about me and the flutes here.

I make the flutes myself in my home-based workshop which is within the bounds of the ancient Sherwood Forest. Each flute is unique; any flute you find in stock here, or that I make for you, will never be repeated.

If you want to order your own custom flute, there’s a tool to work out the price, and another to help with tuning.

I have had tuition from another well respected UK flute maker, and more recently from my mentor Waonze who lives in Washington State and is descended from the Lakota.

My use of the term “Native American style” speaks to the technical design and appearance of the flutes, and is in no way intended to give the impression that these instruments are natively made. I am not an enrolled member of any recognised Native American Tribe and I have no Native American heritage.