Waonze Plays Stonelaughter – Audio CD


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This is a CD of 14 traditional Native American songs, played by Waonze on flutes I made.

Waonze is a flute player and maker of Lakota descent, living on the beach in Washington State, USA; and my flute-making Mentor. He plays with style and aplomb, and these tracks will warm your heart and delight your soul. If you’re not in the UK please enter “CDEURSHIP” at checkout to make the shipping cost right.

02-Cheyenne Love Song
03-Cherokee Deer Hunting Song
04-Chippewa Forest Song
05-Lakota Spirit Dance
07-Kiowa Love Song
08-Omaha Love Song
09-Ute Bear Dance
10-Papago Crop Song
11-Wioste Olowan Tokiye
12-Lakota Love Song
13-Zuni Sunrise
14-Zuni Sunset