Digital Products

Any item you order which is a downloadable product will not be instantly available. Instead the link will be forwarded to you after 24 hours by email. As such, if you provide an incorrect email address on checkout, your download link will be sent in good faith to that email address – under these circumstances you must contact me within 7 days to advise the correct email address (having realised your mistake) or to cancel the order. Failing this, there will be no refund under ANY circumstances.

Submitting an Order
You can order a flute listed on the website directly, by email, via the Contact Us form on the website or by telephone. When not using the website directly, please include the following details:

  • Which flute you require.
  • Full name and billing address.
  • Contact telephone number and email address.
  • Delivery Address if different to billing address.

You undertake formally to ensure your contact details are correct when ordering. If I am unable to contact you then if possible I will refund your money. If I cannot refund your money by any means, I will retain it until further contacted by you. No interest will accrue and no compensation will be paid.

I can of course accept orders by email or telephone. In the case of custom orders via telephone or email, I will formally accept your order in writing (by email or letter to my address [below]), and advise a price and payment details.  Once payment is received, we will have entered into a contract for the supply of your flute.

Payment will be accepted by any of the following methods: Paypal (including credit and debit cards), direct bank transfer.  Upon the acceptance of your order, payment details will be sent to you.  Your order will not be dispatched until cleared payment has been received.

Delivery charges will be displayed on the checkout page; these are currently £10 in the UK, £15 in Europe, and £25 for the rest of the world. These charges reflect my costs in shipping the flute and are the minimum I can charge. Where the delivery address is within a 30 mile (50km) radius of the workshop, I may offer to deliver in person – this being the case your shipping payment will be refunded – in all other cases, delivery will be via a courier of my choice. If you choose to use your own courier, this is fine – I will refund any shipping charges minus £3 for packaging materials. However this will be at your own risk and your courier must collect from my address.

For international orders, the customs label will be filled in with the correct value and “Gift” will NOT be ticked. There may be customs fees to pay, which you will be responsible for.

Your Right to Cancel

Stock Flutes
If after your flute is dispatched, you change your mind, you may return it for a full refund, assuming all of the following criteria are met:

  • You contact me in writing (email is acceptable) within 14 days of receipt requesting a return number.
  • The flute is packaged safely and returned to me in saleable condition, at your expense, with the return number issued to you clearly displayed on the outside of the package.

If the above criteria are not met, the flute will be returned to you (the package will be rejected and returned to sender without inspection).
Having received the returned flute in saleable condition, a refund will be issued within 7 days.

Custom Made Flutes
Custom made flutes were made to your specification and by your order. Unless they are faulty or of unacceptable quality, they will not be returnable. Again – flutes do not leave this workshop unless they are working well and are of exceptional quality.

Returning a Faulty Flute – All Flutes
If, when you receive your flute, you believe it to be faulty please contact me by telephone, email or the Contact Form, outlining the problem.  Please note that all flutes leave the workshop and are shipped in perfect working order in extremely robust packaging.

If I agree that there appears to be a fault, I will issue a returns number and ask you to return the flute to me. Please safely package the flute and return it at your own expense (the cost of the return will be reimbursed if the flute is found to be faulty). I will inspect the flute and depending on the nature of the fault, the flute will be repaired or replaced, or a refund will be offered.  In cases where in my opinion the damage was caused or made worse by you, I will quote for repairing and returning the flute.

A flute is not faulty if (a) it plays clearly the notes on the fingering diagram at a room temperature of 20°C, (b) the mouthpiece hole is not misshapen, and (c) a mouth can be sealed around the outer part of the mouthpiece without difficulty. Slight deviations from “Perfect Pitch”, and changes in the tone of the flute are normal in a handmade instrument of wood; such variations occur due to temperature, humidity and other atmospheric conditions. If the flute will not play (or will not play in tune) having spent 24 hours in a dry room at normal room temperature, and regardless of the positioning of the block, it may be faulty.

Handmade Goods

Stonelaughter Flutes are hand made by Tom “Stonelaughter” Kelsall using hand, and in some cases power, tools. Each flute is individual and will therefore have individual playing characteristics. No two flutes are identical.

The address for correspondence/documents is Tom Kelsall, 7 Young Crescent, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottingham NG17 5GF (England).