Welcome to Stonelaughter Flutes, the British home of handmade Native American style wooden flutes.

About the Maker

Tom Kelsall is a 56 year old father of six living within the ancient boundaries of Sherwood Forest, with his partner. His passion for the wooden flute started in 2007 at a Mind, Body and Spirit Show… and has slowly but surely begun to take shape since then as a flute making journey. More recently Tom has been under the remote tutelage of Waonze – an experienced flute maker of Lakota descent who lives at the beach in Washington State. This tutorship has been invaluable in developing the design and quality of Stonelaughter Flutes.

About Stonelaughter Flutes

Stonelaughter Flutes are made by hand with more than a nod to one of the two main Native American designs – the underside of the “block” or “bird” is flat and the air channel (flue) is carved into the flute itself. Each flute has a unique sound; determined by the wood used and the fact that they are hand-made… no two are exactly alike. You’ll find all my flutes on sale at a few events  in the Nottinghamshire area, and also via this website – I will happily accept commissions for more personalised work.

Customer Comments: I wanted to thank you again for my amazing flute! Having spent a couple of days playing it, I am beginning to master it. The sound is haunting and peaceful. The instrument is beautifully made and lovely to hold. I was looking for an instrument where I can just relax and play as a way of meditating and also having fun. I have found it. My family love the sound also.  I am usually having to unplug my bass guitar or turn the stereo down, but everyone has been more than happy for me to play the flute and say it relaxes them! Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂 (Kate)

WE LOVE IT! its beautiful, truly beautiful. Gorgeous Oak, gorgeous grain, gorgeous smell, gorgeous sound! The kids are enchanted with it too! Thankyou so much. A wonderful gift. The whole experience has been lovely & very professional yet friendly! (Iza)

Wonderful wonderful flute… (Susanne – click Play below to hear her playing her first notes on receipt!)

Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely flute that you made for me. Beautifully made with a voice to match. I would strongly recommend your flutes to any potential customers. (Marc)

Thank you it is really beautiful, I love it! It as almost as if something was channeling through me because I could play it straight away, lots of different tunes too! (Claire)

What a lovely instrument it is, I am so pleased with it. I try to have a little time each day with it. It never lets me down, sounds lovely and I really love it. Thank you for the wonderful workmanship, it is just fab. (Dave)

My use of the term “Native American style” speaks to the technical design and appearance of the flutes, and is in no way intended to give the impression that these instruments are natively made.