Helping the People

So most of you know already that I’m not Native American – I’m British. In this regard, I am wide open to accusations of cultural appropriation and dishonour and I have keenly felt it (although such accusations have been rare, so far). I try my very best to do things right, and to show this endeavour of mine the respect and seriousness it deserves; I don’t claim to be anything I’m not; every flute is smudged and prayed over; every step in the process is given my absolute love and passion for the creation of the Flute.

And yet – I feel that I am not doing enough. So – from today forward, by way of “thanks” to the Lakota who provided my mentor and with whom I feel such a strong spiritual link; and to give something back to the Lakota who are suffering so badly in the Reservations in the USA…¬†10% of the price of every single flute I sell¬†will be donated to one of several charities and other organisations who I have identified as directly helping Lakota people. This benefits me, by making me feel that I am doing something positive for Native Americans; it benefits my buyers, who can feel they are doing some good, and most importantly it directly helps my Lakota friends who so desperately need it.