The coming plans!

In the absence of any “Custom” comissions at the moment, I have a couple of plans for upcoming projects. First off, I have a stick of Cherry that needs to be made into a G, Ab or A flute much like the one you’ve just seen on my Facebook Page. That is already on the radar. After that, I need to bang together some bigger ones; F, F# and perhaps even an “E” (but that might have to wait for a bigger bore!). I have wood cut ready for some flutes in 1″ bore. Then I have some drones to make; I have wood ready… they’re just so big a project that I’ve shied away recently… and of course I’ve been playing with my lathe setup which I cannot use on the drones.

I think I just comitted myself to about 3 months of flutage – HAHAHAHA! As always if you want to order, get in touch and we can talk about it; all the details are right here on the site… or simply order via the site 🙂

A video of me playing the latest flute is on YouTube, HERE.