Ordering a custom flute – step-through.

1. Choose the product you want to order: there are three options – click the names for detailed information.

a. Buffalo Grass – entry level – minimal customisation.
b. Mountain Song – Intermediate – allows some customisation and can have a more premium look and feel.
c. Summer Eagle – Fully customisable.

2. Add the chosen product to your cart, check out and pay. For Summer Eagle there will be more costs later depending on the customisation you choose.

3. Go to the “Custom Order Details” page for the type of flute you chose: Buffalo Grass, Mountain Song or Summer Eagle.

4. Fill in the form and “Submit”.

5. Go to the “Tuning” page – read carefully and follow the instructions. Fill in the form and “Submit”.

For Summer Eagle flutes I will be in touch, with the additional costs for what you selected and to agree a final price. Please therefore ensure your contact details are correct. If we don’t agree on the final price, I will cancel the order and refund your initial outlay.