Summer Eagle Flute (Custom Made PREMIUM)


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This is my prestige range of flutes. With this flute you have a full choice of wood (any I can obtain), the bird/block will be more elaborate, and you have the full choice of decorations that I offer. The inside of the flute, where the sound is made, will be highly polished and extremely efficient. I can also do any finish in my range; oil, oil and wax, french polish etc. The base price of a Summer Eagle flute is £160 and that’s what you will pay when you check out; however I will quote additionally for some customisations once I have your order in front of me; there are guide prices on the order details form.

All custom made Drones are in this category – drone prices start at £200. Please use the code “Drone” at checkout to pay up front for this – it will be added to your additional quote later if you do not.

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