Mountain Song Order Details Form

Please fill in and submit this form and then the “Tuning” form to order your Mountain Song¬†Flute.

For the flute key, the non-musically minded can choose low, medium or higher notes; the more musically knowledgeable can choose the actual key. C4 is Middle C on a piano. I am not currently equipped to make flutes lower than Eb4. Higher than D5 they don’t sound good!

Please bear in mind that your choices need to work and I will advise you if they’re not possible. Choosing a low key like E4 will need wider finger spacings and there’s only limited scope to bring them closer together. If you have small hands or tight finger-gaps you may have to accept a somewhat higher key. Similarly if your fingertips are particularly large I may not be able to make you a flute in D5.

This flute will cost you £140

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