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    Lin Dhu Festival – Lincolnshire August 2012 | Stonelaughter Flutes

    Lin Dhu Festival – Lincolnshire August 2012

    We set off on Thursday afternoon; tired, grumpy and hungry – all of us sniping at each other, the car rammed full of tents, lanterns, flutes and food. After a 2 hour journey into the bowels of Lincolnshire, we arrived at the venue for Lin Dhu; a farm plonked smack bang in the middle of a beautiful piece of nowhere and set back from the local road by a good half a mile.

    The farm had been decked out by the owners and the event organisers in all sorts of festival finery; a meditation zone, medicine wheel, healing area, stalls, a marquee and a barn with a bar. My task? To play the flute in the various areas of the festival and to sell one or two if I could.

    Tent building took me over an hour; it’s a big one! Thursday night was quiet beers outside and a provided meal of baked spuds. Friday came and I put out a blanket with my flutes on it, and proceeded to sit and boil quietly while people came and “ooo’d” and “aah’d” at them. I occasionally forayed around the site, playing tunes and (hopefully) making a nice addition to the atmosphere of the event. This is pretty much how it went for the entire weekend; youngest daughter saw more freedom than she’s ever allowed anywhere else, and youngest Son the same. Three flutes found new owners; I really hope they enjoy their new homes and vice versa. The journey home was uneventful and quiet with everyone but me asleep…

    This has been the only time I’ve been camping and been completely chilled out the whole time… not a single worry nor a single problem marred the weekend. We made new friends, caught the sun and took some fantastic energies from Lin Dhu.

    Thanks to Kevin, to Carolyn, and to all the crew and participants.

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