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Flute 365 – Day 47 – Maker’s Mark

  Most flute makers make some mark on their flutes to identify their work – mine’s pretty simple; an image of Kokopeli, “SL” for my name, and the key of the flute. A loose grain like western red cedar makes it hard to be neat!!

Flute 365 – Day 45 – Enter the Shop!

If you’re in Nottingham and fancy some wonderful Craft stuff – take a look in the new craft store at 62 Station Road, Sandiacre, Nottingham. There’s some flutes there you might recognise…!!

Flute 365 – Day 43 – GRIPS!

You can’t put a round hollow wooden thing into a vice. Nuh-uh. It squashes and splits. So – you cut a “V” into a couple of bits of wood, line the Vs with old leather, and use THEM to grip the flute in the vice. Now it’s being held from all sides and can’t squash […]

Flute 365 – Day 40 – Bubinga

Following a snap in the body of this flute, I put in an ash piece and made an absolutely stunning (though I say it myself) flute which is now with an extremely happy owner. Bubinga is an exotic wood which is incredibly dense and hard… but as you can see has amazing grain.

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