The Year Begins

Finally, I have got into gear, and have begun work on 2012’s first flute. This flute is being made with some design changes suggested by a new, but very dear friend of mine called Waonze… and it’s also being made from a Japanese Acer tree (a pale softwood which is similar in appearance to pine) chopped down in John’s back garden a while ago. The flute began as the trunk of the tree; about two and a half inches in diameter and about a metre and a half long. It’s now well on its way to being glued and then shaped.

In other news, I’m going to be playing my flutes at the Health and Healing Festival being held at York Racecourse on 21st and 22nd of April; and will also be selling the flutes there. At some point, a CD is being made of me playing – but there’s a lot to do on that yet so keep watching this space!

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