New product lines!

As of today, the “Custom Order” facility of my site has been beefed up with three “ranges” you can order from.

The Buffalo Grass range is the starting point; it’s only £80 (fixed). You get to choose the key of the flute within a certain range and I do the rest; it’s finished in a rustic way and has an unadorned and simple “block”.

The Mountain Song flute allows more in the way of choice; the finish can be picked, you can choose the wood it’s made from within my list of “Standard” woods; you’re given access to the full range of keys I can make, and the bird/block will be a little more elaborate and stylised. You also get the option to add some coloured beads to the strap holding on the bird. The price of these flutes is fixed at £140.

IMAG1691 2015-05-15 18.46.07

At the “Premium” end of the scale we find the Summer Eagle flute which opens up the full range of customisation and decoration and also includes all custom made two-bore Drones. You can specify ANY tree-wood from which these flutes can be made (balsa, cork and wood like them doesn’t work; and I can’t do bamboo because that’s a completely different skillset). It also allows French Polishing, pewter badges or motifs, feathers and lots of other options. Prices start from £160 for single-bore flutes and £200 for drones – you pay this amount up-front on order and then I quote separately for the additions/customisations you specify on the forms. Work won’t begin until after we agree a final price.

So… what do you think? Are you going to order a custom flute today?

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