Flute Repairs/Re-Tunes




So let’s imagine you bought a flute some while ago, and the maker has stopped trading; or you can’t find them, or you bought it off eBay… etc etc etc. And it’s broken, or out of tune, or whatever.

With this service, you pay £25 up front, which gets you an initial assessment of the required work, plus up to 2 hours work. Each hour or more than half hour after that will be charged at £10 per hour (an estimate will be provided at the time and your authorisation sought). Of course I will endeavour to repair most small things within the first two hours; a small tuning issue, slight damage, etc. Also, if the flute cannot be repaired within its probable value, or if the flute is an extremely valuable flute needing specialist care, then I will tell you such and endeavour to source some help for you.

In all cases, return shipping will be charged on a receipted basis. You should ensure that when you ship the item for repair that you select an appropriate level of insurance so that if it’s damaged in transit, you can reclaim its value.